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6 homegrown herbs that help fight COVID-19

Nowadays, people are starting to pay more attention to Thai herbs. with outstanding properties inexpensive assembly and especially during the COVID-19 outbreak, many people turn to find ways to protect themselves by choosing Thai herbs. Which herbs can help prevent covid-19?

1. Andrographis paniculata, a Thai herb that the doctor of the Ministry of Public Health has certified that It can help treat COVID-19 and has been used for distribution to patients along with favipiravir. From research studies, it was found that Andrographis paniculata has antiviral mechanisms. Prevents viruses from entering cells, reduces viral replication within cells, increases immunity to fight viruses, reduces lung inflammation caused by viral infections.

2 the doctor recommended is Kaempfer. Studies have shown that Kaempfer has antiviral activity both before and after infection. It also has the effect of inhibiting the work of AIDS. Against dengue virus in the Flaviviridae family and inhibiting picornavirus which causes hand, foot and mouth disease. It was also found that It also helps to stop the spread of the covid-19 virus.

3. Ginger, which has a spicy taste. have warm properties found to be effective against influenza virus in general, it is often eaten to cure colds. which ginger contains antioxidants (anti–oxidant) and anti-inflammatory substances There are many anti-inflammatory drugs such as Gingerol, Shogoal and Paradoal.

4. Gooseberry is a cough medicine, dissolves phlegm. It is traditionally used to treat bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, and asthma. It helps to promote the functioning of the immune system. The important substances in the gooseberry are able to bind to the protein leg of the COVID-19 virus and the ACE2 receptor, which plays a role in the passage of the lung cells. It also binds to the infection in many locations that affect the inhibition of the generation and division of the virus.

5. Turmeric from in vitro studies It was found to be effective against the influenza A virus. to prevent infection from entering the cells inhibit the proliferation of the virus and help inhibit the secretion of inflammatory substances This is from the simulation of three-dimensional images on a computer. found that important substances of turmeric and demethoxycurcumine can compete with the location of the COVID-19 virus that inhibits the proliferation of the virus.

6. Garlic has an effect on the immune system, allicin in garlic has the effect of reducing inflammation. Prevents the secretion of cytokine that causes inflammation. It also promotes the function of white blood cells. and increase the antibody type immunoglobulin A (IgA), which is the first line of immunity in the body It is found mainly in the respiratory system and the gastrointestinal tract. according to various mucous membranes. It also stimulates the activity of B-cell lymphocyte and stimulates the secretion of interferon, a substance created in the immune system to fight viruses. In computer simulations, quercetin and allicin have been found to compete for the main protease that inhibits the spread of COVID-19.

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