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“Green Curry” is a kind of Thai curry. Popular to eat with steamed rice or Chinese desserts. It has a history since the Ayutthaya period. It is a food wisdom of Thai people in the past that started with Kaeng Liang and Kaeng Pa without coconut milk. Later, it has been modified by adding coconut milk and dried chili to cause "Kaeng Daeng" or "Kaeng Phet" and has been applied as "Green Curry" with green chili Or perhaps pound on chili or coriander leaves to make the chili greener. Therefore, the word “green curry” refers to the curry that comes from green chilies, while the word “sweet” does not refer to the taste. But referring to the color of the curry that is green and sweet, hence the name. "Green Curry", a Thai food that has been ranked No. 19 from the World's 50 Most Popular Foods (2011) by website. And is a famous Thai food that is popular with both Thais and foreigners. Green curry with chicken is another popular dish. among consumers, whether it is rice topped with curry Or eat with Chinese dessert, it's not less delicious. The meat that will be used to make green curry It can be changed continuously, whether it's beef, pork, chicken, fish, shrimp, fish balls. Or a healthy vegetable menu as well. Green curry has the aroma of curry paste. and the aroma of spices It has a sweet taste of coconut milk. Commonly eaten with steamed rice or Chinese desserts, it will add even more deliciousness.

Nutritional value Energy (kcal) 113.6 Protein (g) 6.41 Fat (g) 8.04 Carbohydrates (g) 3.85 Dietary fiber (g) 2.34 Calcium (mg) 41.27 Iron (mg) 0.72 Highlights of the nutritional value of green curry with chicken Contains moderate amounts of protein, fat, and high fiber from eggplant and curry ingredients. Value of Thai herbs * Source: Asst. Prof. Dr. Anchanee Uthai Development and the Faculty Eggplant: an analgesic, hemostasis, diuretic, and bronchial treatment. and rheumatoid arthritis Kaffir lime leaves: help prevent and cure cancer. Basil leaves: relieve colic, flatulence, distension, help appetite. Green, red chili peppers: helps appetite, expels wind, is a laxative, helps expel phlegm, cure colds. Onions: Helps relieve cold symptoms, suffocation. Garlic: helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, cancer, inflammation, treat fungal skin diseases. Galangal: helps expel wind, relieve tightness, colic, flatulence, indigestion, expel phlegm Lemongrass : Reduce colic, distension, flatulence. Coriander Root: Helps excrete toxins from the body. cure gastritis Pepper: aids digestion Makes the stomach feel comfortable, expels wind, sweats, reduces body heat Fennel: Carminative, aids digestion. Chicken Green Curry Ingredients 1. Chicken meat 500 g. 2. Green curry paste 200 g. 3. Coconut milk 1,000 grams 4. Coconut milk 250 g. 5. Eggplant 400 g. 6. Chili peppers, green, red 30 g. 7. Basil leaves 40 g. 8. Kaffir lime leaves 2 g. 9. 30 grams of palm sugar 10. Fish sauce 80 g. curry paste ingredients 1. Chili peppers 30 g. 2. Chili pepper 10 g. 3. Lemongrass 15 g. 4. Galangal 7 grams 5. Kaffir lime peel 8 g. 6. Garlic 60 g. 7. Coriander balls 5 g. 8. Onions 40 g. 9. Cumin 2 g. 10. Pepper 3 g. 11. Coriander root 5 g. 12. Basil leaves 20 g. 13. Shrimp paste 10 g. 14. 5 grams of salt 15. Oil 150 g.

How to make green curry with chicken 1. Take the chicken meat, offal and chicken blood. come clean Then cut the chicken meat into bite-sized pieces. 2. Prepare various vegetables for cooking. Eggplants washed and cut in half, cut into four pieces, soaked in salted water to prevent the eggplant from turning black. Then pick the eggplants and soak them together. Fresh basil leaves, just wash them with water and hang them in a basket. 3. Stir fried coconut milk with curry paste until fragrant. That is, start by putting 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a pan, then bring the pounded garden chili peppers to fry until fragrant with low heat. Followed by chili paste and stir fry accordingly. Gradually add the coconut milk, one ladle at a time, get 3 ladles, simmer until the coconut milk breaks down. (The reason for using paprika as well is to add spiciness. and do not let the curry paste be too thick from the chili paste that you put a lot). 4. Then add the chicken and stir until cooked. Followed by the offal, add 1/2 teaspoon of salt (if Prangthip salt put half a teaspoon or if it is sea salt 1 teaspoon) stir until cooked. 5. Then add the rest of the coconut milk. Turn on high heat to boil for a while. 6. Add eggplant and eggplant down Keep stirring the eggplants to drown in the curry so the eggplants won't blacken. Make them appetizing until the eggplants start to ripen. Add fish sauce and palm sugar. Taste to get the desired flavor. Add basil lastly, stir thoroughly, turn off the heat and lift it off. 7. Scoop and serve it right away...that is a mellow and spicy green curry with chicken. It can be eaten with Khanom Jeen or hot steamed rice. Advice - Paprika, curry paste, increase and decrease as appropriate with raw materials and satisfaction. - The eggplant should be soaked in water with a little salt to prevent the eggplant from turning black. - Eggplants should be slightly dented. to allow the soup to get into the eggplant meat Recommend

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