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When did green curry come into being? What are the health benefits?

“Green Curry” is a kind of Thai curry. Popular to eat with steamed rice or Chinese desserts. It has a history since the Ayutthaya period. It is a food wisdom of Thai people in the past that started with Kaeng Liang and Kaeng Pa without coconut milk. Later, it has been modified by adding coconut milk and dried chili to cause "Kaeng Daeng" or "Kaeng Phet" and has been applied as “Green Curry” with green peppers Or perhaps pound on chili or coriander leaves to make the chili greener. Therefore, the word “kaeng kaew” refers to the curry that comes from green chili, while the word “sweet” does not refer to the taste. But referring to the color of the curry that is green and sweet, hence the name. "Green Curry", a Thai food that has been ranked No. 19 from the World's 50 Most Popular Foods (2011) by website. And is a famous Thai food that is popular with both Thais and foreigners.

health benefits

Contains moderate amounts of protein, fat and high in fiber.

- Eggplant is an analgesic, hemostasis, diuretic, and bronchial treatment. and rheumatoid arthritis

- Kaffir lime leaves help prevent cancer.

- Basil leaves relieve colic, flatulence, flatulence, helps appetite.

- Chili Chee Fah helps appetite, expels wind, is a laxative, helps expel phlegm, cure colds.

- Onions help relieve cold symptoms, suffocation.

- Garlic lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.

- Galangal helps to expel wind, relieve tightness, colic, flatulence, indigestion, expectorant.

- Lemongrass, hungry, fussy, stomach, flatulence - Coriander root helps control oiliness. cure gastritis - Beneficial for digestion, muscles, guts, stomach, expel wind, sweat, reduce heat. - Cumin helps to expel wind and aid digestion.


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