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9 Thai dishes to boost immunity

The advantage of Thai food is that it has a distinctive flavor that combines sour, sweet, oily, salty, spicy, and also has herbs and spices. is the main ingredient Therefore, it has been recognized that it is beneficial to the body. It also has a delicious taste that is liked by the general public as well. We recommend vegetables, fruits and Thai herbs. that help boost the body's immune system as well as introducing Thai dishes made from vegetables and herbs. Let's go see what menu.

1. Stir-fried basil

When ordering food, I can't think of any menu items. Most Thai people will order fried egg basil rice first. Even though it's a desperate menu But in fact, it's a super food menu. Because basil leaves contain substances Orientin (orientin) reduces the chance of infection of cells. Help prevent illness from the virus. It also contains important substances that have the potential to prevent viruses from entering cells. With such great features Don't forget to order the chicken basil rice with fried egg to eat as an anti-viral food.

2. Tom yum soup with mushrooms

Talking about spicy tom yum dishes in the mouth of Thai people eat while hot Clear the throat, clear the nose as much as possible. It is also a hygienic menu that must be eaten hot using your own spoon. The main ingredient of Tom Yum menu is meat, whether it's chicken, pork, fish, seafood, which you can choose as you like, along with shallots, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, which are excellent herbs. Shallots contain quercetin, which reduces the chance of infection and prevents the virus from entering the body's cells. And in Tom Yum also put various kinds of mushrooms, which contain beta-glucans. Stimulates the body's immune system, making it not easy to get sick. Plus, there's lemon juice squeezed into the tom yum soup. which has high antioxidanvitamin Ct vitamin C enhances the functioning of the immune system The Tom Yum menu with mushrooms is suitable for everyone to build a good immune system for the body.

3. Vermicelli salad

Low calorie menu that you girls. like to eat during weight loss It also has anti-viral herbs that can enter the body's cells in addition to vermicelli that is the main ingredient. Shallots and onions also contain quercetin, which reduces infection and prevents viruses from entering the body's cells. And onions are also rich in vitamin C, antioxidants that are very high. It helps prevent disease and kill germs as well. The seasoning that is indispensable for the salad is that lemon juice contains vitamin C to help fight free radicals. enhance the functioning of the immune system in the body It can be said that it is the ultimate menu that helps control weight and is also antiviral as well.

4. Moringa orange curry

Som som menu that Thai people are familiar with as well. This time, I would like to recommend Moringa Orange Curry, which many people may not eat well. But in fact, Moringa is a vegetable that has high benefits as well as lowering cholesterol. Cure anemia, nourish the heart, reduce sugar, reduce fever, cure cold, relieve cough. It contains quercetin, which has the potential to prevent viruses from entering the body's cells. reduces the chance of infection and strengthen the immune system of the body You have so many benefits You have to try it and you will know that the Moringa Som Curry is as delicious as the Cha-Om Khai Som Kaeng.

5. Miang Kham

Miang Kham, an ancient snack that has long been found in "Kap Hee Chom Krueng Kwan", a royal writing of King Rama VI (Rama 6) that was written to tell about the savory-sweet recipes of that era. At present, Miang Kham has applied it to make eating more convenient by wrapping it in words. Then skewers are a snack that foreigners who come to Thailand must try. Miang Kham consists of many herbs such as cha-plu leaves, ginger, chili, coconut, peanuts, dried shrimp. There are also antiviral herbs such as shallots and sliced ​​lemons. Both contain hesperidin, rutin and vitamin C, helping to prevent viruses from entering the body's cells. It can reduce the chance of infection in various organs. There are so many benefits that you need to try one word.

6. Stir Fried Kale in Oyster Sauce

homemade kale Used to prepare many dishes. Both stir-fried soy sauce, topped with rice, spicy salad, fried rice, etc. are vegetables that include minerals and vitamins. and many nutrients For a menu that I would like to recommend and easy to cook yourself is stir-fried kale shoots with oyster sauce because the tops of kale are rich in vitamin C and minerals. Immune system Build immunity to the body to make it healthy. Simple menu plus high vitamin C like this must do.

7. Kaeng Liang

Most of the time we hear that Kaeng Liang is the ideal food for young mothers. But the truth is Kang Liang is useful for everyone. Because the ingredients have many vegetables and herbs. Both square gourds, gourds, basil leaves, pumpkins, straw mushrooms that strengthen the immune system for the body. Contains vitamin C that helps prevent colds. Plus, add pepper to help digestion. And of course, there must be herbs like shallots.It reduces the chance of infection and prevents the virus from entering the body's cells. make blood flow better Try it or buy a hot curry. Come to have a bowl and get a lot of nutrients. Plus it helps to boost the immune system as well.

8. Tom Klong Crispy Fish

Tom Klong Crispy Fish It is a unique Thai food, especially the aroma of herbs that are beneficial to the body. The composition contains dried snakehead fish that are rich in calcium. Along with useful herbs such as galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, spring onions, coriander, parsley, paprika, dried paprika. and also have shallots, herbs that are important substances in preventing viral infections. Along with various types of mushrooms and lemons, which contain important substances such as curtain, beta-glucan and vitamin C that help stimulate the body's immune system, making it not easy to get sick. have high antioxidant activity Helps to promote the functioning of the immune system to be effective.

9. Neem with sweet fish sauce, grilled catfish

Sweet Fish Sauce Neem Healthy food menu. Bitter neem and sweet fish sauce are really delicious. The more you eat with grilled catfish, the more delicious burton neem leaves are rich in anthocyanins. which is a group of flavonoids with high antioxidant activity and high in vitamin C It helps to build immunity to the body's disease. Cure fever, headache, runny nose. It is a delicious Thai food that is also good for health. 9 recommended menus are nutritious Thai food. It has therapeutic properties because it consists of vegetables and herbs such as shallots, onions, basil, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, lemons, etc. that contain substances to prevent viruses. Helps strengthen the body's immune system Also, be sure to exercise regularly. Wash your hands often Wear a mask when visiting community areas. including staying at home In order to reduce the infection and spread of the virus, it will make you Absolutely healthy.

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